MNX and payouts tracking

After a moderation period (2-3 days), all data is getting on the blockchain via Emanate’s smart contracts. When monetization starts, no one can edit or delete this data. From that moment all transactions with the track can be reviewed real-time in the green console in the bottom.
Or you can trace them by watching emanatecolab contract via any EOS block explorer (web-service, where can be reviewed all data around a specific blockchain). You can find MNX transactions related to your track by % of splits to each receiver.
As not all users may get from the beginning an EOS account, by default all earnings are collected by emanateghost account, from which they can swap money to their EOS account any time after they will link it to Emanate. In the future, all earnings will be paid directly to EOS accounts of users. We are working on implementing a user-friendly dashboard on the Emanate website, which will be accessible on the My Account → Earnings section.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]