What is EMT?

EMT is a token of the Emanate platform and is the fuel of the ecosystem. It has a utility:
  • Withdraw earnings by converting MNX to EMT and selling it on exchanges;
  • Sign up for a paid subscription by staking a respective amount of EMT to a Growth Pool (no monthly/annual payment involved). 5,000 EMT will give access to a Music Lovers account, 10,000 EMT will give access to a Pro-Connect account;
  • Pro-Connect users are eligible for a personal StreamCard (virtual debit card), and will receive NFT drops and exclusive offers from the team;
  • Reduce fees on a withdrawal to a StreamCard (up to 0% fees);
  • Pay for using music files (samples, stems, tracks) in your song;
  • Buy/sell a license on a track;
  • Earn EMT for hosting a node for music.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]