How do I withdraw earnings to a StreamCard / PayPal?

Creators earn MNX (shown as USD in their dashboard) and request a top-up. If no blacklist is in play, the StreamCard (virtual debit card) is topped up instantly. This option is only for Pro-Connect accounts.
Withdrawal to a StreamCard involves fees. Here is the proposed structure of fees minimization for EMT holders:
  • Bronze Member: 0 EMT = 10% Earning Conversion Fee
  • Gold Member: 10,000 EMT = 5% Earning Conversion Fee
  • Platinum Member: 100,000 EMT = 0% Earning Conversion Fee with all other fees refunded by Emanate
Our partners NIUM are working on the development of the StreamCard. Testing of this feature is expected to begin in 2021 in Australia and some other regions. The global rollout will come after that.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]