How it works?

Emanate makes payouts from a reward pool, which refills from various sources, including paid subscriptions. Each 6.25 sec of playtime creators across the globe are instantly getting royalty splits in MNX according to their % in a track. MNX is an inner currency, which is not traded anywhere and is not transferable. Because of that, transactions with it are not taken as crypto-based. 1 MNX always equals $0,01. The payout amount in MNX depends on the type of subscription of a listener (Pro-Connect accounts are getting the highest rewards), the track genre (15-min ambience will provide less than 4-min EDM song), the number of creators on the platform (the pie is divided on everyone), and other characteristics. Self-plays and streams from not registered users don’t count.
As of now, from one stream of a 5 min track, you can get around $0.01. You can withdraw money by converting MNX to EMT (the token of Emanate) or by sending it directly to your StreamCard (virtual debit card) / PayPal.
We use EOS blockchain to formalize agreements, automate payouts and settle them. It was chosen because it allows performing thousands of transactions per second without gas fees. In order to experience all features of the platform, a user must create and link to Emanate his EOS account.
Worth a mention that Emanate made a step towards EVM networks issuing EMT on Ethereum. The general aim is to make Emanate a multi-chain platform. Moving this direction, Emanate will serve as a player for audio-NFTs from various chains.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]