How to unstake EMT (EOS)?

On desktop Bloks:
1) Go to
2) Login in the upper right corner using your wallet (Scatter, Token Pocket, Anchor, or Wombat);
3) Put in Owner your EOS account and in Balance amount of EMT you want to unstake from the Growth Pool, like 1352.0000 EMT (dot , 4 numbers after it, and ticker EMT are necessary)
4) Click Submit. If everything ok you will see below a green bar “success” with the transaction ID (txid).
If it doesn't work with Scatter, import your private keys into Token Pocket. If you don’t see the Token Pocket icon, click on Scatter or Wombat icon (they are using the same script).
If when performing a transaction nothing happens — you may need to power up your account with resources.
If you receive a message about an overdrawn balance or similar — try this guide or this one.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]