How to upload music on Emanate?

  • Go to My Account → Tracks → Add New;
  • Upload a track (mp3, 192 kbps, up to 50 MB)
  • Upload a cover (recommended 500x500, up to 2 MB);
  • Chose collabers (if there are any) and their role:
    • Original Collaborator — the lead creators on the track;
    • Remixer — creator of a remix;
    • Feature — vocalist, rapper, producer on support;
    • Silent Collaborator/Rights Holder — creator's management, the owner of rights on a track, etc.
  • Specify % of royalties each side will receive from a stream (if the track belongs to you — set 100% to yourself);
  • Checkbox vibe and tags most relevant to your track. Don’t checkbox everything.
  • Set track display name;
  • Set track URL;
  • If you want to organize and order tracks, you can do it later in My Account --> Releases. Set the cover art, release title, choose tracks, and order them you like;
  • Click “Add New Track”;
  • After moderation (up to 3 days) your track will be published.
Here is a video of a process:
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]