Do you have private links? Can I monetize demos?

Yes. You can upload a track, fill all forms and just mark the checkbox that you don’t want a track to be public.
How to use that:
  • Share private links in your network, get feedback and monetize demos. Yes, you can forget about uploading your tracks to SoundCloud/Dropbox. Note: to receive royalties listeners must be registered on Emanate or have a paid subscription;
  • You can send a link to a label or potential collaber and get rewards even if no one responded to your email. Also, it is a good way to see if your track was played;
  • Engage with your audience by asking them with different links which version of the track is more dope. You are keeping audience attention, fans are getting exclusive content and are feeling their touch on the release;
  • Exclusive links for a particular audience: for example, only for true fans;
  • Expiring links: there is no timer on the platform but you can say to your audience that they have 8 hours to hear a preview of a track, while the release is in 2 weeks. Make it a race.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]