Can I run an NFT drop on Emanate?

We started an NFT launchpad back in December. Our first sale of Deadmau5 first digital collectibles in December 2020 was a huge success: sold out in 24 hours, raised $100k+. We are working with Rising Agency on design.
We are working on pushing it forward and successfully finished the sale of Weezer collectibles. The goal is to make it available to the public in the future.
Also, we have a My Account → Drops section on which Pro-Connect users can receive airdrops from our activities. For example, PROs got a free standard deadmau5 pack, which was worth back then $9,99 and now worth $35, without a mention that 2 ultra-rare cards worth $10k+ each on the market are still out there in unopened packs.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]