🚀 Beta FAQ

What’s new?

A lot! Beta is bringing a lot of awesome new features to emanate. A facelift for the web and mobile app, new user profile designs, curated and editorial playlists, streamable NFTs and more!

Where is $EMT available now?

You can buy $EMT from a number of exchanges including Newdex, but focus is moving towards Ethereum from April 20th with the addition of Polygon around April 25th.
Going forward, there will likely be more liquidity and volume on Sushiswap and QuickSwap using the ethereum or polygon based tokens. You will be able to swap your existing EOS-based $EMT tokens.

Why can’t I see any Music NFTs in my library?

The artists you have collected music from may not have linked their Emanate profiles to their NFT drops yet. If you have bought NFTs that are not streamable, hit those artists up and bring them over!

Where to connect my ETH wallet?

You can connect your ETH wallet on a desktop computer using metamask, inside the Account section, under ‘Wallets’.

What’s happening with EOS

EOS is still being used to track plays on Emanate, but the token trading and NFT integration is focussed on Ethereum and Polygon now.

What’s the token utility?

  • As an artist, holding at least 10,000 EMT tokens gives you premium features without having to pay a fiat subscription once a month. We call this ‘Pro-connect’.
  • Pro-connect artists with 10,000 tokens or more earn more per stream.
  • Pro-connect artists with 10,000 tokens or more can upload more tracks.
  • Eventually as a tastemaker, you’ll be able to earn EMT rewards from playlists you’ve constructed.
  • Both listeners and artists can benefit from using EMT within the Emanate ecosystem.

How do I bridge from EOS to Ethereum?

You’d want to use the BitFrost bridge.
You can find a useful guide on how to set everything up properly here.

How do I bridge from Ethereum to Polygon?

Multichain has created a bridge on their platform for just this. You can visit it using this link.

How do I get my music up?

Adding your music to emanate is easy! Once you have created your account, navigate to ‘My Account’ and click the tracks tab to upload a new song. Once approved by our moderators, the song will be live on emanate and you can start sharing your music with the world.
To be considered for a feature tile on emanate, you must have a Pro-Connect account with 10,000 EMT in your account. Then get in touch with one of the team at Feature Submission Request and tell us why and what you’d like to be featured.

How do I submit an Emanate Session?

To submit an emanate Session, you must be a Pro-Connect user with 10,000 EMT in your account. Sessions need to be cohesive collections of music that fit within a certain theme or genre. If you think you have a Session that needs to be heard, send us your request to Feature Submission Request.

How does this affect current accounts/staking and then account creation etc.

Accounts currently staking EOS EMT will still have their EMT staked on Beta. Current account subscriptions will remain unchanged for now.
Any future users who wish to upload their music or add a subscription will need the required amount of Polygon or Ethereum based EMT in their wallet.
If you have questions or need assistance — get it on our Discord or write to [email protected]